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Restoring and upholding personal and economic freedom and democracy for all in Europe

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Resist the tyranny

Our liberties are being suppressed and corrupt globalists see us as idiots by welcoming their agenda. It is not a about your political views whether left, middle or right but about your right to freedom and making choices in your life. If you cannot emigrate, express yourself, criticise, buy something of your choice, decide your career path, control your money, make your own decision with vaccines and medicines, control your privacy then what are you living for? These are fundamental and basic rights in each and every single European country, however corrupt power hungry usurpers are changing the constitution and taking away your freedom and future. The question we have at European Resistance Foundation is are you willing to lose your personal and economic freedom? whoever you are you can resist by spreading the truth and love to each other, resistance is about informing the most vulnerable ones in our continent and justice will serve, together we can lessen the destruction brought upon us by these usurpers.


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